We have been locked down for weeks and longing for the sea, but … one day more is one day less! We will see each other in the water at once! 🙂

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Didn’t you ever dive around the Marine Reserve and suddenly…?

Close encounters in the Marine Reserve

The temperature goes up, the days are getting longer, the water is getting warmer and “that day” in which you can not stop thinking is getting closer … let’s go diving!

April showers bring dives and flowers - Comic Divers

A lot of illusion is what makes us when you come back to visit us, even more than the one that made us this last weekend you went to see us at the Dive Travel Show 🙂

Many thanks to everyone for coming to visit us !! See you on the water next time! 😉

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The return of the diver - Divers' Comic

Buoyancy practice I – Divers’ Comic

You begin your buoyancy practice, concentrate on breathing, maintain your posture, compensate for your center of gravity … and after a while, suddenly you find yourself that the fishes come to greet you! 🙂

Buoyancy practice I - Comic Divers

Good morning divers! – Divers’ Comic

What can be better than diving and diving trapped on an eternal groundhog day? 🙂

Trapped on groundhog day - Comic Divers

Love is in the water – Divers’ Comic

On this special day, we always remember our diving buddy… one of our more stable relationships 😉

Happy St Valentine’s day and lots of bubbles!
Love is in the water - Divers' Comic

¡Hola a todos! Aprovechando un minuto libre hemos empezado a hacer estas viñetas para contaros un poco, con humor, como es la vida en un centro de buceo. Intentaremos ir actualizando todas las semanas. ¡Esperamos que os gusten! 🙂