Get your diving certification to dive all over the world up to 18 meters, accompanied by another diver


Many of us have felt that special "something" when we are close to the sea, that feeling that you are in your place, that you look at the sea and it gives you peace and adventure. Now imagine taking a step further and finding yourself in her domains, enjoying everything that the sea can offer by yourself and unraveling her mysteries step by step.

The Padi Open Water Diver course is the most popular diving course in the world, and with the training you get you can dive without problems anywhere in the world. Successfully completing this course certifies you as an autonomous diver and enables you to dive with a buddy, without the support of an instructor, up to 18 meters deep.

During the training in the Open Water Diver course you will learn the theoretical and practical basics of diving, using the didactic material we will provide you, the practice sessions at sea under the guiding of our instructors and providing you with all our experience as divers before, during and after the course.

The course includes 5 theoretical sections, where you will learn the basic knowledge about the underwater world, the physics and physiology applied to diving, you will learn to use basic scuba gear, including a mask, fins, regulator, buoyancy control device and a tank, to feel safe and comfortable underwater. Once the theory part is learned, we will take action and put into practice all we have learned before, and during 5 practice dives we will master all the skills to become a responsible and safe diver.


  • Didactic material (multi-language DVD, textbook, manual "how to use and choose a dive computer", logbook, stickers, crew pack bag).
  • 5 practices dives (Confined water / Open water).
  • Rental of complete diving equipment (suit, fins, mask, booties, jacket, regulator, tank and leads).



  • Minimum age: 12 years old.
  • Medical certificate authorizing the practice of diving.


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2018 Open Water Diver Course Calendar

Choose the dates you prefer and fill in the form to book your Open Water Diver Course.
If there isn't a date that suits you, call us and we will try to offer a new plan.


  • 18 a 21 de Marzo - Sábado a Martes - Día del Padre
  • 29 al 2 de Marzo - Sábado a Martes - Semana Santa
  • 1 al 4 de Abril - Lunes a Viernes - Semana Santa
  • 15 al 18 de Abril - Jueves a Domingo


  • 30 al 3 de Mayo - Viernes a Lunes - Puente de Mayo
  • 6 al 9 - Jueves a Domingo
  • 13 al 16 - Miércoles a Domingo - San Isidro
  • 22 al 30 - Fines de semana


  • 31 al 4 de Junio - Lunes a Viernes
  • 5 al 13 - Fines de semana
  • 7 al 11 - Lunes a Viernes
  • 19 al 27 - Fines de semana
  • 21 al 25 - Lunes a Viernes


  • 28 al 2 de July - Lunes a Viernes
  • 5 al 9 - Lunes a Viernes
  • 12 al 16 - Lunes a Viernes
  • 19 al 23 - Lunes a Viernes
  • 26 al 30 - Lunes a Viernes


  • 2 al 6 - Lunes a Viernes
  • 9 al 13 - Lunes a Viernes
  • 16 al 20 - Lunes a Viernes
  • 23 al 27 - Lunes a Viernes


  • 6 al 10 - Lunes a Viernes
  • 13 al 17 - Lunes a Viernes
  • 20 al 24 - Lunes a Viernes
  • 27 al 30 - Lunes a Viernes


  • 4 al 8 - Lunes a Viernes
  • 11 al 14 - Lunes a Viernes
  • 17 al 21 - Lunes a Viernes
  • 24 al 28 - Lunes a Viernes


  • 30 al 2 - Jueves a Domingo - Puente de Noviembre
  • 6 al 9 - Jueves a Domingo - Puente de la Almudena


Here are our rates for diving courses. If you do not find the diving course you are looking for, please ask

  • Try

  • 95-105
    per 3 hours
  • Introductory diving activity.

    Enjoy an underwater adventure.
  • From 12 years old.
    Towel, swimsuit and want to dive and have a good time.
  • PADI
    Scuba Diver

  • 370
    per 2 - 3 days
  • Get your certificate to dive
    around the world down to 12m
    accompanied by an instructor.
  • From 12 years old.
    Medical certificate for diving,
    towel and swimsuit..
  • PADI
    Advanced Diver

  • 410
    per 3 - 4 days
  • Get your certificate to dive down
    to 30m and improve
    buoyancy and orientation.
  • You need to be a certified diver.
    Medical certificate for diving,
    and diving insurance.
  • PADI

  • 95
    per 2 - 3 hours
  • Some time from your last dive?
    Get the feel of diving
    under instructor supervision.
  • You need to be a certified diver.
    Refresh course, dive, rental equipment and diving insurance

Ask about group discounts and other rates by completing the CONTACT FORM.

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